Time is Filled with Swift Transitions

This article is slightly different from my typical mood of writing. However, it is necessary. Keep in mind, I write from my heart, in hopes of helping others, while at the same time helping to heal myself.

Webster’s Dictionary defines transition as: the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.

Life is indeed filled with swift transitions, and most of us, if we are among the living, are in a constant state of transitioning in some capacity. There are several related idioms to describe the numerous transitions taking place in one’s life: “tomorrow is not promised,” “here today, gone tomorrow,” or “fly-by-night.” The”here today, gone tomorrow,” is the idiom I’ll use here, as it resonates heavily at this moment in my life, and perhaps yours as well.

There are individuals who are dealing with loss and are stricken with grief in various capacities, often believing there is no solution to their issues. Many are succumbing to the pressures of this pandemic, while others are succumbing to the dreadful virus, Covid-19, or with other ailments unrelated to the Covid virus.

While physical loss is likely the most common of losses, there are other types of losses many are facing which ultimately lead to grief or some form of mental anguish. In fact, some are facing several losses at once. Lately, I open my Facebook page only to see someone else has transitioned, another family member has lost, yet another loved one, and has to again deal with the pressures that often come along with losing someone from their lives.

Last year, 2020 taught our family so much after losing numerous loved ones back-to-back; it seemed as though my family and I could not catch a break. As if we had not suffered enough losses in 2020, three weeks ago we lost yet another intricate member of our family. Then, this past week, my maternal grandmother suffered a left hemisphere stroke, which caused her to experience right-side paralysis, and a disruption of intelligible speech. Prayerfully, temporary.

Believe me, I’m fully aware of the issues of life and death being inevitable, and someday, we all will reach a point in our lives when our turn comes. However, the reality is, no matter how strong of a person, we think we may be, the human brain, though capable, was not created for dealing with numerous cumulative losses at once, especially not on our own.

Let’s be clear, there are individuals who have encountered layers of loss and on the surface, appeared to be coping well. Likely, due to suppression. When we neglect to deal with the issues at hand, the issues build over time and manifest in various manners, either through our behaviors or actions, through our health, or all of the above.

It is highly important, whether we are physically or mentally losing loved ones from our lives through relationships ending, material loss, or job loss, which often leads to financial loss, to reach out and speak with someone who has the ability to assist you with maneuvering through the loss or losses.

If you are for whatever reason unable to connect with a professional, connect with a close friend, or family member who is willing to attentively listen, guide, and support you through your feelings, your grief. Speaking with someone about your emotions or seeking professional help for any reason, does not make one weak, nor does is make you less of a person. It does however assist in growing your strength in the areas that may have become weakened by the stresses of life, including loss, no matter the type of loss.

Weakness forms when we neglect to pursue the help we need to grow and strengthen our lives and relationships.

Speak Up. Reach Out. Keep Looking Up. Just Breathe.

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2 Responses

  1. I am taking a Mental Health First Aid training. So many things mentioned in the blog made me realize, CommUNITY is valuable and we must show grace and compassion.

    I proudly share when lead that I have “couch time” monthly for mental wellness! This is me holding myself accountable to strive to be the best version I was created to be! Therapy is a must in my life. I trying to model that it is a positive experience and valuable tool.

    I actually at one time wanted to create a nonprofit that provided therapy and mental health services to women who had been raped and molested. Maybe one day.

    When you get to the root of any challenge, and when you have a goal to get to the root of personal behaviors, your perspective has changed and weakness leaves your thought process.

    Thank you for sparking food for thought with the world.

    1. Hi Margo. Thank you so much for making me aware of my writings sparking “food for thought,” for you along with others. My apology for the extremely delayed response. Please read the most recent blog. And share, share, share. See you back here soon!

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