This Christmas…

And this Christmas, Hanukkah, or whatever holiday your family celebrates will be… A very different holiday for many.

Some have lost loved ones recently, or within the last few years, or perhaps many years ago. Some may not have lost a loved one to physical death, but they may have lost them to life-altering changes that remove them from the family circle‐ either temporarily or permanently, therefore causing grief.

During this season, I’m personally both healing and grieving— So are many of you. Be mindful of your words to others while you are healing and grieving. Grief is not only present for those who have experienced a physical loss; life altering circumstances often cause grief as well.

Additionally, those who are not experiencing grief, be mindful of your words to those who are experiencing grief.

Grief and healing look differently for every single person; it may not always present itself with overwhelming sadness. Please allow individuals and yourself the space to just be.

When the holidays roll around, typically the time is spent surrounded by the ones you love. Some may choose to do otherwise. Please support them with their decision. After all, it is their journey.

Wishing you Happy Holidays!

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