This Bouquet is for You

Morning Reflections-
Yesterday, I took a quick trip to a local specialty grocery store. Upon exiting, one of the employees who recognized me as a shopper from over a year ago greeted me with such excitement. She asked me a question about events that had unfolded over the past year, and tears began to form in my eyes. Not because I was sad, but because I was grateful to have made it through those events and still have smile on my face, to still have my life, and a coherent mind. Not all have been so fortunate. Another young lady who was standing nearby asked me to hold on a minute until she returned. To my surprise, she returned with a very beautiful bouquet of flowers and presented them to me.

Here is the take away — She had not once considered my race, or culture, religion, or if I had a particular political affiliation. What she did consider is, here is a person who I want to extend kindness to. That’s it! Simple. Hmm. I thanked her, then rolled my bagged items to my car. Returning my cart, I looked the generously kind lady in her eyes and spoke these words to her, “with the climate of this world, where so much hate, rudeness, and a lack of love are all that seems to be on display, you chose to be kind without giving it a second thought. When you, without thinking about it, find an opportunity to be KIND, just BE, just DO. You did that, without thinking about it. Thank you!” Tears, then began to flow from her eyes. I’m not certain as to why the tears formed in her eyes. Though I have a pretty good idea. What I do know for certain is, for the remainder of that day, she would remember her kind gesture and the gratitude shown towards her in return.

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  1. That story is simply beautiful. We will be much better as a people when we can no longer see color. I try my best to look straight into the heart and that is God’s intent.

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