Privacy Is Power

Earlier today, I read the words, “Privacy is Power. What people don’t know, they cant ruin.” How true is that statement? Extremely true, I would say. Wouldn’t you agree? There are people who choose to let everything out and share everything there is to know about themselves— that is perfectly fine. There are also some of us who elect to keep some things to ourselves— that is also perfectly fine. However you choose to maneuver through life, whether you choose privacy or you choose to let it all out is your choice, live in it.

There is a difference between being secretive and being private. “Secrecy is the act of hiding information. Privacy is about being unobserved — being able to have my own experience of life without the eyes of anyone else on me.” Regarding privacy, U.S. Justice Louis Brandeis famously described it as “the right to be left alone.” You may not necessarily want to be left alone— you may simply desire the freedom to choose with whom and where you decide to share your private information.

There are reasons why homeowners choose to place privacy fences around their properties. One reason is so only those individuals who have been granted access have the right to enter. All others must be invited in. The same goes for life. There are those who choose to have no fence, or protective barriers surrounding their lives, allowing any and all who want to gain access, free reign and privilege. While there are those who choose to allow access to only those whom they deem fit to be allowed inside. Again, we all have choices. Whatever your choice is, it should be respected.

The majority of my life I’ve been told, “you’re a mystery, people can’t figure you out, and they hate that.” Even when I decide to share things, you’ll never know all the cards in my hand. I love it that way. There are some things some people just don’t need to know. Or some things are shared on an as needed basis.

I was taught by my grandmother to not allow my left hand to know what my right hand is doing. I listened… I’m private. I’ve always been private. I make zero apologies for choosing to be private. Why change now? Lol.

Oftentimes when people don’t know what is taking place in your life, they make things up about you or create their own scenarios. It’s okay, let them! Remain a mystery to them. Continue to grow in your own space, in your own time. Never reveal all of your cards.

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