Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

“Stop for just a brief moment… think about the people in your life who you say are important to you, yet consciously or unconsciously, you often treat them as if he or she does not exist, or are the least important. Would you be okay with being treated in the manner in which you treat them, if the shoe were on the other foot? As we move toward the end of this year and into the next, let’s work consciously at not treating those who are supposedly meaningful, like they are meaningless. Let us become aware that he, she, or they have feelings, just as you do. If not, someday, you will look up and they will no longer exist in your life, either physically, emotionally, or both. Everyone is fighting a battle, sometimes silently, sometimes right before your eyes. Be careful how you handle them. We are but vapors, here today, gone tomorrow.” -Justtaamico

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