A Love Letter to My Supplement

Recently, I participated in a Wellness Study regarding immune boosting supplements. In the study, numerous questions were posed by the host to learn about the various supplements I consume, the brand and its benefits. One of the final tasks in the study was to write a Love Letter to my Immune Boosting Supplement informing it of my feelings towards it. Please enjoy, a less serious side of my writing.

My Dearest Wellness Formula,

This letter comes from the depths of my heart to share with you my appreciation and extreme admiration for you. As you may recall, I was introduced to you in March of 2020, by my cousin Amy, immediately after we buried her mother, Aunt Eva. My body was exhausted, worn down, and emotionallly, I was a wreck. Unbeknownst to us, there was a disease that would ultimately shut our world down just two weeks later. Amy opened your bottle, removed your cap, then poured four of your capsules into my hand and spoke the instructions to me to consume you immediately. Within a matter of hours, I started to feel better in my body, though my heart was still hurting. It was then that I decided to purchase you for myself. I have to say, it was love at first swallow. Honestly, there is nothing to compare you to other than Vitamin C. You are Vitamin C along with 30+ more essential minerals. For as long as you are available, I will continue to purchase you and consume you whenever my body needs a boost. I love you dearly.

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