A Heart of Gratitude

Today, I would love to highlight, shout-out, salute, and acknowledge each of the strong, illustrious women who have made me the woman I am today. A few have passed on, but their presence in my life is no less valuable. My teachers, my motivators, my mountain movers, my prayer warriors, my listening ears, my shoulders to cry on, backs to lean on. Some of you are connected by blood, while others are connected by the heart. You are my reasons, and without you I would not be.

So extremely fortunate, I have been to develop long-lasting, meaningful, and genuine relationships with a few of my school teachers, counselors, doctor’s, nurses, attorney’s, former employers, colleagues, and the list continues. Many have become family in more ways than one; for that, I am forever grateful. My life is better and fuller because of you. My grandmother’s, here and in heaven, my mother’s, mother figures, god-mother’s, school mom’s, aunties, church aunties, all Indian aunties, sisters, cousins who are also my sisters, friends who became sisters, and lastly, my goddaughters. I appreciate each of you and your space in my life. Each of you are the wind in my sail, the wind beneath my wings. Elated, am I to have my sea of strong, beautiful, illustrious, and intellectual women from various walks of life, religions, ethnicities, cultures, countries, skin-tones, socioeconomic statuses, educational statuses, political affiliations, body types, characters, demeanor, geographical locations, etc. You are appreciated.

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