2020- A Year to Remember

Preparing for New Year’s Eve celebrations on the night of December 31, 2019, many were proclaiming affirmations of “2020 Vision,” and the likes. Many were eager to shout out at the end of the countdown “HAPPY NEW YEAR!” Many were readily making plans and preparing for 2020 to be the year for manifestations of new love connections, an increase in finances, the start of new business ventures, travel plans, celebrations, family reunions, and graduations.

The world abruptly came to a halt.

Sadly, for many, 2020 has not been the “Best Year Ever,” as we would have hoped. Who would have ever anticipated that the entire world would be experiencing the same dilemma of a Pandemic? Who could imagine that most people would be walking around wearing masks and gloves, social distancing, void of human contact, having to shed his or her clothing at the entrance of their homes and tossing their clothing into the washing machine in efforts of protecting themselves and their families from Covid-19 or Coronavirus. Who would have imagined that bathroom tissue would be out of stock and food shelves empty? Who could have imagined that in 2020, our country would be in such a state of civil unrest and widespread racial tensions? This pandemic, as well as Covid- 19 virus does not discriminate with your age or socioeconomic status. Neither does it care whether you are black, white, brown, or yellow.

My family attended our last of funerals together in the first week of March after we laid to rest three relatives in the same week. After that set of funerals, the deaths did not stop. However, the amount of people who could be in attendance at funerals changed drastically. Due to social distance regulations, my family along with other families were given the task of deciding which family members were able to attend funerals and which would have to remain at a distance. Some funerals were held on livestream for all who were not able to attend. Now, graveside services are another option for families. Due to Covid-19, depending on the type of illness, only one or no relatives are able to accompany others inside of hospitals, leaving loved ones to either suffer or die alone. Only close family are allowed to come inside of the hospital only if their relatives are not expected to recover and palliative care is necessary to begin making last rite plans.

As I type, though we are all hoping and praying for a miracle, dear friends of ours are waiting by the bedside to say goodbye to their youngest son, a teammate and brother of my son, who at only 19-years old has succumbed to the dreadful, Covid-19 virus. At a time when the family could really benefit from hugs, his close friends, teammates, nor relatives outside of his immediate family are allowed to visit the hospital as they would have prior to the virus. Telephone calls, text messaging, and social media posts are the only mode of communication and emojis have replaced actual hugs.

Certainly, we all wish that 2020 would have been completely different from what it has been thus far. To date, the United States has lost over 200k lives to this virus.

For some, all has not been so bad. Some started new businesses. While others discovered hidden talents while in quarantine for nearly four months. I too began baking pound cakes out of boredom and a craving for a slice of old fashioned lemon pound cake. I discovered that I was actually pretty good at baking, though I had never baked a cake from scratch in my life. After two months of not baking, I burnt my first one three days ago. Haha. Remember in my last blog, I wrote that I still experience episodes and moments of short-term memory loss? This was one of those times. Of course, I laughed it off and sliced it up. Through mindfulness, I have learned not to be so hard on myself. Truth be told, I had not even baked a box cake since my teenage years. Occasionally, as my son was growing up, we would bake pre-packaged cookies or boxed brownies together. He would later become the one who baked them on his own.

There are three full months left in 2020. If you are reading this blog, you are one of the fortunate ones to have made it thus far. How you decide to proceed with the remaining portion of this year, is completely up to you. You can either throw in the towel and just give up, or… you can ask yourself what could you do that would help you move forward in your life. Take a leap of faith.

We have already witnessed that so much can happen in such a short time, positivity included. Search inside yourself to find the person you always wanted to be and become that person. This transition may not take place overnight; the beginning is always a great start. Hope is still available.

Update: Our sweet friend, and teammate of my son passed away last night at 8pm with complications from the Covid-19 virus. Please wear a mask, (especially if you have symptoms,) quarantine, and social distance whenever necessary. Speaking from firsthand experience, this virus is very much real. RIP, Chad. We love you and will miss you.

The lesson for each of us to learn from 2020… is to not take life for granted. We are all but mere vapors, here one day, gone the next. Make every moment count. Love more often. Call and check on the people you love and care about. Just Breathe!

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6 Responses

      1. Wonderful insights of 2020. It is a year that will always be in our memories. We do need to be mindful of what we lost and what we gained in 2020. Make the best of every moment alone and with others.

        1. Thank you so much for taking time to read and respond. Please share with others who may benefit from reading. Additionally,when you have a moment check out the first blog,”You Will Likely Never Recover.”

  1. Thank you my dear friend for this article. 2020 has been extremely overwhelming and I too had to attend a funeral in the midst of Covid-19. This year has brought so many challenges, and for others, they have thrived. I just pray for a good day everyday. Thank you for the reminder to make every moment count, to love more often, to check on loved ones, and to just breathe.

    1. Maranda, you are most welcome. Thank you for taking time to read my blog. During this time, people are discovering that we are more alike, than we are different. Many are facing similar circumstances. When all else fails, remember, just breathe.

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